Shop Owners Scheme (SOS)

This facility is meant to help customer stock up wares.

This loan facility shall be applicable to entrepreneurs/ business owners who have been in business for not less than a year and must have operated from his or her current location for not less than 6 months.


The following documents are required along with your Shop Owners Scheme Loan application:

  • 6 months business account statement or evidence of verifiable cash flow.
  • Post-dated cheques to cover period of loan.
  • Valid means of Identification.
  • Fast moving consumers goods (FMCG).
  • Stock Hypothecation.
  • Any verifiable source of repayment.
  • Guarantors may be required.

Up to N2million @5% Monthly

Up to 6 months.

Fixed or movable assets and/ or Stock Hypothecation.

Key-man insurance.

Obligor to produce reputable guarantor.