Target Saving Account

MT Milestone Account

Members get the reward of their savings after 6 or 12 months.

MT-Susu-Rotating Savings Association Account.

1. Member to determine the regular amount to be paid into group account.

2. Bank ensures interest is paid daily on the pooled funds

3. Bank assist in ensuring compliance by members.

4. At the end of determined cycle, MT ensures money is paid to the

due member (the due member is determined either by turn or auction).

MT –Accumulative Savings Account

The only difference between MT (Susu) and the above is that members agree not to disburse

funds to themselves unless under the aegis of a loan to an individual member or

a joint project course (weddings, burials, anniversaries, politics, donations etc.)

MT Family Trust Account

This is targeted at unit families who want to tie their future savings through this association.

1. Periodic deposits are made as determined to meet a future course

or inheritance planning (house, holidays, asset) etc.

2. It bonds family members with a sense of common purpose.

3. Parents can also open dedicated kiddies Account

4. Teaches early financial disciple to children.

5. Reduces future expense overload.

6. Free statement of account

Benefits of Target Saving Account

Competitive interest rates

No monthly account-keeping fee

Internet banking

Mobile banking

Telephone banking


For more information, Check our MoneyTrust  MFB Target savings accounts.

Earn up to

6 %

Why open a Target Savings account?